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Gods Don’t Bleed | The Real Women’s Empowerment

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Real women’s empowerment began in the Garden of Eden, but not in the way it is commonly conveyed. Whilst constructing a wife for Adam, God wounded him, took out his rib, and then sewed him shut (Genesis 2:21). I imagine that Adam bled upon being wounded, but then the sewing stopped the bleeding. This was God’s first pivotal interaction with man, and it corresponds to man’s first pivotal interaction with woman. The hymen – which indicates virginity – descends from the word ‘syu-men’, which means to bind, or sew. Upon penetration, the hymen bleeds, but impregnation sews the proverbial wound, as the woman will not menstruate throughout pregnancy. From the moment God wounded Adam, and then sewed him up again, his desire was for man to understand, and be like him; thus came the woman.

Essentially, a woman is to man what a man is to God; which is why she assumes worshipful positions – kneeling, bowing, & prostrating – during sexual intercourse with a man. The term ‘worship’ is a compound of the words ‘worth’, and ‘ship’. The latter end, ‘ship’, means to transfer, so worship is a transfer of worth. Sexual intercourse transfers worth from man to woman, and the stoppage of bleeding – upon impregnation – declares that the exchange was, is, and always has been God’s design. Because, gods don’t bleed. Bleeding and death are synonymous in the physical realm, just as sin and death are synonymous in the spiritual realm. So, just as a man sins independent of God, the woman bleeds independent of man.

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