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Jealousy: The Modern Day Cain

Jealousy: The Modern Day Cain

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Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?

– Proverbs 27:4
The Cradle of Jealousy

No man resorts to wrath and anger without cause, but jealousy and envy emanates from sources least expected. Jealousy is like a saying that is common within combat sports, “The punches that you don’t see hurt the most”. Because, jealousy is blind-siding, and trust makes it elusive. Trust is jealousy’s exploit, as it allows entry without resistance or prior notice. This violation [of trust] makes jealousy the most malicious of malicious attacks. And, the brunt of the pain is due to the fact that a man’s trust usually lies within his most intimate relationships.

It is natural to place trust in family members or even a close friend. But the Bible incessantly proves that family members reside at the helm of betrayal. Thus it is wise to understand Cain and Abel’s ordeal, as the elements that led to Abel’s murder are prevalent to this day. See, Cain’s lineage no longer exists, but he dwells in the minds of those who nurture jealousy. Such people become his children, or “modern-day Cains”. However, many of them will not resort to outright murder, but the assassination of character.

Character Assassination

First, understand that ego is what a man calls himself; it is partial and subject to delusion. But, character is what others call him, and it is influenced by the way he carries himself. So, character assassination drastically changes how others perceive someone. The modern-day Cain will study or – more accurately – premeditate his victim’s emotional trigger(s). And he may already have an extensive record such, given that this is more than likely an intimate relationship . Then, just as Cain lured Abel into the field, the modern day Cain will use said triggers to lure his victim into an altercation. The emotionality of the matter may incite irrational behavior in the victim, and this will cause onlookers to reassess the victim’s character.


Keep in mind that disagreements are natural, and arguments encourage healthy solutions. But an argument founded in jealousy can never be solved. Jealousy remains unavoidable because if you trust them, you can never anticipate their betrayal, but if you can anticipate their betrayal, then that means you never trusted them. The despair of the matter is that one can only wait for a Cain to reveal himself, and then hope to minimize damage once he does.

So, first and foremost, a man should equip himself with emotional fortitude. This will allow him to stay calm enough to make logical assessments. Cain specializes in straw man arguments. He will maneuver through several weak arguments to fragment his victim’s focus, and keep his intentions hidden. Once he divests from the first matter in exchange for another – before the first matter can be fairly addressed – he is attempting to build straw men. Once this happens, simply disengage. Because, Cain does not care who wins or loses, he derives pleasure from bringing others into his chaotic world.

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