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Know Your Jailers

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As an adolescent, I did a bid in Juvenile detention. There, I had come to know various concepts of the United States penal system; most notably, jailers. Jailers are guards who cycle in and out of each block or unit incrementally. They establish a culture unique to their respective temperaments, as one jailer may be more lenient than another. It is imperative for inmates to know their jailers, as cooperation is key to avoiding further penalties. However, I now realize that jailers within the penal system are mere microcosms of jailers in the “free world”.

A jailer’s ultimate job is to ensure that an inmate does not and cannot ESCAPE. A free-world jailer is someone who has an undignified version of you incarcerated in their mind. Now, realistically, we exist in the mind of each person we encounter long enough to impress. Think of “first and last impressions”. However, the difference between those people and a jailer is control. See, you control first and last impressions by way of character, but jailers seek to control first and last impressions through character assassination. It is due to the fact that they need incriminating evidence to justify their ‘mental disposition’ towards you. They often resort to provocation and even lies to cement and extend the bid.

Now, jailers are not always nefarious. Some of them may be parents who refuse to accept that you are no longer a child. Nonetheless, knowing who they are ensures that you won’t argue cases for people who do not exist anymore, or have never existed at all. Think of the 4th chapter of the book of Luke: After Christ had performed miracles abroad, he returned to his hometown and was relegated to nothing more than a “carpenter’s son”. He proceeded to – for lack of euphemisms – “dis” the prophets who had come before him, as their works paled in comparison to his. From this, understand that it is necessary to let the lion loose in the midst of a jailer. Do not cooperate with their mental dispositions; claim your accomplishments, growth, and development. Then, when all’s said and done, go about your business and let them bury the remains of that irrelevant version of you.

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