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Anti-Religion – The Bible Without the Religion


The Bible without the religion’ sounds counter-intuitive, yes. But, according to scripture, Christ and his patriarchal predecessors never lay claim to any particular religion. Now, this is not an attack or an attempt to invalidate what most people, understandably, hold near and dear. Its longevity alone proves that religion is essential to the human condition. But therein lies the problem. Because, the Bible – if understood properly – aims to transform the human creature, thereby removing the condition(s) that necessitate religion. Therefore, the bible is in fact brutally anti-religious.

What is Anti-religion?

Anti-religion exists to expose the inefficacy of religious morality. Yet it does not do so with the intent to usher in immorality and lawlessness, but rather true morality. See, anti-religion understands that humanity is inherently flawed and incapable of genuine goodness. Any semblance of such conduct from the creature is spurious at best, because, it is mostly rooted in fear.

It is no coincidence that – though religions differ in a number of ways – eternal damnation for wrongdoers remain oddly consistent. This is the root of the religion’s inefficacy. If one desires to steal but refrains due to religious beliefs, can he then look down on another who actually steals? No! In truth, the other is simply acting on the desire they both share. It is probable that the one who refrained would engage if divorced from the notion of eternal damnation – or the fear thereof. Therefore, the one who refrains is no better than the one who acts. Essentially, the religious have no moral superiority over the non-religious.

Anti-Religion Vs Atheism

Atheism can be considered an anti religious ideologue, per’se. It does indeed echo the aforementioned sentiment. However, atheism is ostensibly unaware of human nature. It champions the renunciation of one’s assigned religion and god as if the creature is capable of good for the sake of good. But, in regards to sins that bridge – what the west calls – church and state, jail is as much of an incentive for an atheist to do good as – let’s say – hell is for a Christian. So, just as the religious have no moral superiority over the non religious, the atheist is no less bound than the religious. Atheism simply transfers moral ownership from one fear to another. Thus, anti-organized-religion is a more befitting title for the ideologue that is atheism.

The Universal Religion

What was implied throughout will now be made abundantly clear: fear is the universal religion. Whether it be eternal damnation, jail, or ostracization from peers – humanity would be ruinous without fear. Organized religion is simply one of fear’s many denominations. Yet, it is the least impactful of the denominations because family is the universal religion’s first and most potent denomination. Yes. Family members are usually first to make fear palatable to lesser members, as they inundate their fellow kindred with rules and regulations. Furthermore, many-a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, and so forth subscribe to said religions NOT by their own accord, but by familial and cultural influence and dictation. For this reason, it is lowly, petty, and utterly unproductive to argue one’s religion. To say, “my religion is better than yours” is usually to say, “my family and my culture are better for you than yours is.”


The Bible says that for one to see the kingdom of God, he or she must be born again ( John 3:3 ). It also says that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God ( 1 Corinthians 15:50 ). These scriptures challenge the very root of religion, as they use terms that relate to family; birth, flesh, and blood. This is largely what makes the Bible brutally anti-religious; alongside the familial treachery that permeate the scriptures. Essentially, the most intrinsic source of humanity’s morals, ethics, and even civility, is – within God’s eyes – filthy rags. Therefore, no one can enter into the kingdom of God and attribute it to their respective race, political affiliation(s), organized religion, or anything else that family and culture are generally responsible for influencing. In total, those who make it into the kingdom of God will be there simply because God WANTS them there… and nothing else.

Hi, I'm Bryan Sha', owner and author of The Esoteric Scribe: An epicenter of thoughts, ideas, and revelations. My goal is to pursue my heavenly father and point any observers, readers, or listeners to the Bible, NOT me. I do not wish to convert anyone, as I am a firm believer that no man has the power to reject God, lest God first rejects them. I am not a Christian and do not subscribe to any denomination, religion, group, or sect.